Waterjet Cutting

Unmatched Waterjet Cutting Performance with GMA Garnet™

Maximum production and safeguard your equipment with world-class waterjet garmet abrasives.


High-perforamnce waterjet garnet

With GMA Garnet™, you can be confident in running your waterjet cutting machines at peak performance. That's because GMA Garnet™ seamlessly delivers the highest productivity and fastest cutting speed in the industry.

Engineered for accuracy, performance, and speed, GMA's waterjet garnet ensures steady abrasive flow and reduced abrasive consumption. GMA offers a full range of high-performance garnet, suitable for any waterjet cutting operation.


Confidence in every cut

Our world-class processing facilities ensure that every batch of GMA Garnet™ contains consistent-sized grains of the purest almandine garnet. There is no dust or ineffective fine grains to restrict gamet free flow and no oversize grains to block focusing tubes. This results in less downtime and a lower frequency of expensive parts replacements.

Find out more about GMA Garnet™ waterjet abrasives

Find out more about GMA Garnet™ waterjet abrasives

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GMA ExtremeBlast™

GMA ExtremeBlast™

Our coarest grade for extreme jobs. Effective for removal of specialized high-build coatings of 30+ mils such as TSA and coal tar.

Optimize your abrasive blasting with GMA Garnet™


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