Bonded and Coated Abrasives

garnet additives and fillers

Garnet’s natural properties makes it one of industry’s most efficient abrasives.

Industrial applications of Garnet include both bonded and coated abrasives used in the conditioning of metal, wood and synthetic surfaces. Garnet can be found in a multitude of abrasive products, including rolls, belts, brushes, and wheels, to name a few. These tools, in turn are used for everything from sanding and finishing to grinding and dimensioning. Industrial products that use industrial garnet include water jet abrasives, filtration media, abrasive powders, and sand blasting media.

Coated abrasives for wood working

Coarser garnet grains are particularly effective for removing multiple, heavy paint layers, as well as varnish and enamel from rough surfaces.

Medium-grade garnet is used most commonly in the grinding of softer metals or in stripping wood. These grains also work well in preparing slip-resistant surfaces and painted surfaces.

Finally, fine-grade garnet serves as a great finishing agent, helping to detail products and remove slight demarcations.

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