GMA is focused on continuing to develop a sustainable future for everyone, with an ongoing commitment for innovation and efficiency. 
We are committed to protecting the environment and have a proud history of sustainable mining practices. We take active steps to limit our impact on the environment and demonstrate responsible management of our natural resources.
Initiatives include the rehabilitation of the mined areas, clean processing methods and the use of clean and renewable energy sources.
GMA has committed to supply 70% of the energy required for our Western Australian mine and processing plant from a three-megawatt wind and solar farm; an initiative that will reduce our carbon footprint by around 5,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide per annum.
Further protecting our natural resources, GMA has led the innovation of garnet recycling technology. Through recovery and reprocessing of used garnet we provide our customers with a responsible option for managing used garnet that would otherwise be considered industrial waste. By revitalising spent garnet for further reuse, we are maximising the life span of this non-renewable natural resource. 

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