garnet additives and fillers
Garnet available from GMA serves as a performant filtration medium, thanks to its abrasion resistance, durability and hardness.

The most common use of garnet in this context is as a filtration medium in multi-media filters used in industrial water applications, thanks to the uniformity of its chemical and physical characteristics.

Leveraging garnet provides more backwash stability to help ensure a filter bed’s integrity. Garnet can also deliver a support layer that is much shallower than one created with silica, providing costs savings during filter construction.

How Garnet Adds Value to Filtration

High-performing, multi-media filters work best when there is a controlled decrease in grain size from top layers to the bottom. Larger grain media at the top trap larger solids, while smaller grains in the bottom or final layer perform any necessary final polishing of solids. This design approach delivers higher rates of filtration and longer filter runs.

GMA garnet has the high specific gravity and small grain size needed to create performant bottom layers in a filtration system, making it an ideal product in water treatment and wastewater management. 

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