SSPC 2019 Coatings+

SSPC 2019 Coatings+
SSPC 2019 Coatings+

Visit GMA at SSPC 2019 Coatings+. An annual coatings conference that attracts more than 2000 industry experts in Americas.

GMA will be participating in the prestigious SSPC 2019 Coatings+ Conference (Booth 307) that takes place in Disney's Coronado Springs Resort, Orlando FL from 11 - 14 February 2019.

The well-known event attracts more than 2000 industry surface preparation and coatings experts around Americas. It also showcases surface preparation products for industries such as aerospace, concrete, manufacturing, oil & gas, marine, etc.

GMA GarnetTM is the only garnet company that completely owns the supply chain from the mine to customers' door. We offer a complete range of garnet abrasives for coating removal and surface preparation, waterjet applications, garnet recovery and recycling solutions. 

In this conference, GMA will be introducing our newly engineered blend - GMA ToughBlastTM for the toughest coating removal jobs. 


GMA’s ToughBlast is our most diverse blend of garnet engineered for the toughest coating removal jobs.

The blends of angular hard rock garnet remove resilient industrial coatings, and the durability of our sub-angular alluvial garnet helps sweep off remaining surface contaminants. The product is designed to clean faster at the lowest possible consumption rate, ideal for cleaning tank exteriors, liners, water treatment facilities and general maintenance. 

Ask us about how ToughBlast can increase your productivity and finish your job on time. Click on the "Download" button to view GMA ToughBlast leaflet.



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