Abrasive Blasting

Fast-track Projects with Quicker Mill Scale Removal


With GMA Garnet™, a clean surface is just the beginning. Let’s talk about how GMA can produce the range of surface profiles that your protective coatings require — safely, efficiently and without disrupting your facility.

Maximizing your fabrication output and keeping costs to a minimum is essential to your profitability. That's why GMA NewSteel™ delivers the quickest rust and mill scale removal on the planet.

Faster than other garnets or staurolite, it's your time-saving option for steel surface preparation that provides superior surface cleanliness, increasing coating adhesion and extending coating life. 

When you need mill scale gone fast, choose the abrasive that leaves no doubt – GMA NewSteel™.

Fast. Tough. Strong.

We've delivered the most efficient abrasive for new steel surfaces. GMA NewSteel™ provides mill scale removal 80% to 120% faster than other garnets and nearly 70%-95% faster than staurolite. It limits workflow interruptions and increases your productivity with swifter surface preparation.

Cleaner Steel Surface Preparation

GMA NewSteel™ delivers an exceptionally clean surface and uniform profile ideal for initial steel surface preparation prior to coating. It ensures the best coating adhesion – nearly 40% better than staurolite. 

When you're looking for the best way to remove mill scale, count on the garnet abrasive that delivers unrivaled speed and performance.

  • Uniform surface profile: 1.5 - 2.5 mil
  • Blasting rates: Up to 400 ft²/hr
  • Consumption rate: As low as 1.3 lb/ft²
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Lower Costs, Increased Performance

GMA NewSteel™ creates an increased concentration of uniform peaks per square foot on the surface, resulting in less coating used. It reduces garnet consumption and minimizes labor, waste, clean up and disposal expenditures. In addition, you can recycle this high-performance abrasive three to four times, further driving down costs. 

Safe Removal of Rust and Mill Scale on Steel

GMA NewSteel™ is hard, dense and pure – one bag contains up to 98% garnet particles.

This abrasive produces less dust, reducing disruption to your facility's workflow by minimizing the need to clear or contain the area to avoid breathing in dust or harmful substances such as silica or heavy metals. It meets all industry, governmental and environmental standards for safety while ensuring quick elimination of rust and mill scale on steel. 

Steel Surface Preparation for All Industries

This garnet abrasive is the best way to remove mill scale and light rust from new steel in tanks, piping, pressure vessels and offshore platform decking. Companies employ NewSteel™ in industries including: 

  • Oil and gas
    • Terminals
    • Offshore production
    • Petroleum refining
  • Energy generation and transmission
  • Construction and infrastructure
  • Shipbuilding, maintenance and repair
  • Pipelines
  • Metal fabrication
  • Water and wastewater treatment
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A Week's Work in One Day

How We Unlocked 71% More Productivity (at 15% Less Cost) With GMA Garnet™

Apache Case Study

Apache Industrial Services has been a leading industrial blasting and coatings contractor for more than 30 years. And like any high-quality contractor, Apache wanted to know exactly what it would gain before switching its blasters from one abrasive to another.

The most efficient, objective way to compare the performance of any two blasting abrasives is to put them to the test. GMA's Technical Experts did just that – organizing a full demo blasting trial mirroring the requirements of Apache's upcoming job: three blasters on an eight-ton pot with a 2mil to 4mil required profile.

When GMA performed this side-by-side comparison of GMA NewSteel™ and Black Beauty Fine, the results were clear. While both technically delivered the required profile, GMA NewSteel™ produced a 2.8mil profile, while Black Beauty Fine nearly overshot the profile at 3.9mil. Compared with Black Beauty Fine, GMA NewSteel™ cleaned nearly twice as many square feet per hour, with 50% less consumption.

In all, GMA's garnet abrasive delivered 71% more productivity at 15% less cost — even without adding in the extra cost of paint to cover the waste slag's excess profile.

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Case Study

GeT a cleaner surface, faster

In today's protective coatings industry, there's no room for second best. Discover how one operator increased productivity by 71% by swtiching to garnet abrasive.

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