rough grading | ToughBlast Abrasive blasting USA

GMA ToughBlast™ is our engineered blend for superior cleaning on tough jobs.  It is designed for fast removal of high build-up coatings or heavy rust.


  • High performance ‘all-around’ garnet abrasive
  • Heavy industrial maintenance
  • Great on 2 coat systems, 3 coat systems and thick rigid coatings.
  • Offshore platform decking, tanks, piping, petrochemical plants, pressure vessels, ship hulls and ballast tanks
  • Water/waste treatment plants, water tower.


  • Fast removal of high build up coatings and/or heavy rust
  • Uniform surface profile from 3.0 - 4.0 mil (75 - 100 μm) with ideal surface cleanliness for unmatched adhesion
  •  Blasting rates: Up to 360 ft2/hr
  •  Consumption rate: As low as 1.5 lb/ft2.
rough grading | ToughBlast Abrasive blasting USA

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