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Get a Cleaner Surface, Faster with GMA Garnet™ Abrasives

Abrasive blasting is a fundamental component of the oil and gas, steel fabrication and marine industries. Significantly more productive than using a mechanical sanding solution, abrasive blasting removes surface contaminants and provides a high-quality anchoring surface for coating adhesion. But to truly maximize the value of your assets, your abrasive is just as critical as the coating itself. That's why maintenance teams around the globe are choosing GMA Garnet™ — the world's most advanced garnet abrasive.


With a complete range of the purest garnet abrasives, GMA can meet the needs of any waterjet cutting project. Your equipment, and your bottom line, will thank you. Start the conversation with our waterjet team.

Better Protective Coatings Start with GMA Garnet


For decades, maintenance managers, safety managers and blasting contractors have lived with the considerable drawbacks of waste slag abrasives. But as the environmental and industrial landscapes shift, there's no more time for disruptive dust, hazardous heavy metals and lethargic performance. GMA Garnet™ delivers a cleaner surface, faster and more safely — all at a lower cost. 

Approved by paint manufacturers around the globe, GMA Garnet™ is the preferred garnet abrasivefor major oil companies, full-service shipyards and industrial fabricators. Explore the game-changing benefits of the world's most advanced garnet abrasive.

GMA Garnet™
Slag Abrasive

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Superior Surface Quality

GMA Garnet™ grains work deep into cavities and pitted areas, cleaning a surface effortlessly. Garnet thoroughly removes dust, soluble salts and other contaminants without the embedments, rough peaks and troughs that come with waste slags. With GMA Garnet™, you get the anchoring surface profile your paint requires, every time. GMA Garnet™ effortlessly achieves SSPC-Sa3 White Metal. It also easily delivers the desired surface profile and greater peak density, resulting in an exceptional anchor profile.

High-Productivity Abrasive Blasting

Tough, sharp and heavy, garnet produces the required finish through a combination of velocity and particle size. This produces a cleaner surface, faster and with less abrasive. With lower consumption, higher production rates and shorter project times, garnet helps maintenance and fabrication teams do much more with much less.

In abrasive blasting, an abrasive particle's acceleration and speed in the air stream is a function of inertia, or size. Smaller grains accelerate much more readily and, through sheer volume, impart a higher concentration of transferred energy upon a surface. This produces a superior cleaning rate that typically equates to twice the area per hour of conventional abrasives.

Other garnets or slag Source: BlastOne
GMA Garnet™

The Closest Thing to Dustless Blasting

When compared with silica sand and waste slag, most garnet abrasives produce significantly lower dust emissions. Our garnet's inherent material toughness and rapid settling minimize disruption and contamination at your facility, all but eliminating operator visibility issues and other safety challenges. With GMA Garnet™, gone are the days of taking other trades off the job while blasters do theirs.

A Low-Consumption Abrasive

Thanks to the unique grain size distribution of GMA Garnet™, many more active grains impact the surface being cleaned. With garnet, it takes less abrasive to get the job done — an average of 30% to 50% less, when compared with waste slag. 

Product Health Risk Analysis

Source: Industrial Hygiene Abrasive Products Assessment Report - HSE Solutions 2019. An overall health risk assessment has been analysed using both respirable and heavy metals data analysis for 17 commonly available abrasive blasting products.

Safer Abrasive Blasting

Garnet abrasives meet the safety requirements set forth by OSHA and other global regulatory bodies. With no heavy metals and little-to-no dust, GMA Garnet™ is cleaner in more ways than one. Reduce work site contamination and enhance operator visibility with the closest thing to dustless blasting. 

Cost-Effective Abrasive Blasting

GMA Garnet™ cleans better, faster. Its high performance lowers labor and equipment costs, enabling you to complete your turnaround in record time. And because it takes 30% to 50% less garnet than slag to get the job done, you'll save on disposal costs and cleanup.

Garnet's speed, efficiency and lower disposal costs make it a cost-effective abrasive for single-use, but it can also be recycled to stretch your budget even further. Interested in learning how GMA Garnet™ stacks up to your current abrasive? Reach out to our team so that we can help you calculate what you're spending now and find a cost-effective solution.

A Reliable Garnet Abrasive Supplier

GMA has been the trusted global leader in industrial garnet for more than 35 years. We're the only global garnet abrasive supplier that owns our garnet sources and controls the complete supply chain, delivering unmatched quality, efficiency and support from mine to customer. With GMA Garnet, maintenance teams get consistent quality and secure supply.

The Preferred Industry Choice

GMA offers a complete range of garnet abrasives for any surface preparation requirement, from removing resistant coatings and heavy rust to fast mill scale removal and specialty coating requirements. 

GMA Garnet™ is approved by leading paint manufacturers and is the preferred abrasive of global oil and gas companies, full-service shipyard and international fabricators.

  • Industrial corrosion control: rust removal, surface preparation and coating integrity
  • Mining and oil and gas: plant integrity and maintenance
  • Maritime and military: shipbuilding and repair
  • Metal fabrication: mill scale removal, petroleum plant, storage and pipelines and structural steel
Optimizing Blast Performance with GMA Garnet™
Abrasive Blasting


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