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GMA established its base in the Americas region in 2005 with the opening of our offices in Houston, Texas.  This was followed by the acquisition of our garnet mine in Montana, investment in bulk handling facilities and processing plants in Pennsylvania, Louisiana and California and establishment of distribution outlets throughout North America.  Since then we have developed into a major abrasives supplier in the region and also export products into South and Central America and Canada.
GMA Americas produces, markets and distributes our world class GMA GarnetTM, provides service support and offers used garnet recovery services.  We offer a complete range of products for coating removal and surface preparation, waterjet cutting applications and water filtration.  Through partnerships with global waterjet equipment manufacturers, we also distribute a select line of machine replacement parts.
Our experienced sales team works with customers to improve the performance, safety and the environmental impact of abrasive blasting and to ensure peak production rates and the perfect cutting edge from waterjet cutting machinery. 

In 2014, GMA Americas complemented our classic range of alluvial garnet from Australia with crushed hard rock garnet from the GMA Mining USA mine in Montana.  Since introducing our own crushed hard rock garnet, GMA has invested significantly in the mine and built production facilities on the site, making it the largest hard rock garnet mining operation in the world. Products from GMA’s mine in the USA are critical ingredients for our high performing engineered range of GMA GarnetTMproducts.

In recent years, we have also made significant investments in growing our production capability and capacity.  In addition to building processing plants in Louisiana and California, we have developed our Fairless Hills plant in Philadelphia into our largest and most advanced garnet processing facility in the GroupThis plant has capacity to produce over 150,000 metric tons of garnet per year and the capability to clean and reprocess used garnet at high volumes. From this facility, GMA manufactures the widest range of garnet products in the GMA Garnet Group, processes returned used garnet abrasives and packages our products into a range of options to suit our customer requirements.

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