Shaping metal for the aerospace industry

Waterjet Cutting Projects
metal shapingIn the world of razor-thin tolerances, only the finest materials will do.  For the aerospace industry, titanium is the material of choice.  It weighs over 40% less than carbon steel, and it features a high strength-to-weight ratio of 80,000 psi for pure titanium (around 180,000 psi for alloys).  Titanium has twice the elasticity of steel, and titanium alloys have excellent resistance to corrosion and oxidation compared to stainless steel.  However, precision cutting of titanium represents a major challenge.
The waterjet cutting division of a German aerospace company has been cutting titanium for many years. Their research team constantly explores improved methods to achieve a better cutting edge and to optimise the alignment of the cutting head while channeling a finer abrasive material through the mixing chamber.  Such quality improvements reduce cutting edge roughness and prevent expensive waste of material.
When GMA Garnet™ abrasive was recommended to the team, research hours were invested to adjust the cutting head and optimise the abrasive flow ratio.  The test results were excellent, and our product now proudly holds a place along aerospace’s cutting edge. 

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