Blasting Abrasives Range

blasting abrasives range

Explore the GMA Garnet™ range

We work extensively with a number of industries to engineer our abrasives for exceptional performance & efficiency in heavy duty high build coating removal, to the most delicate cleaning & restoration
GMA PremiumBlast™

GMA PremiumBlast™

All-round maintenance grade garnet. The most efficient & cost-effective abrasive, ideal for removal of medium to heavy rust & medium to thick coatings.

Surface profile
65 - 85 µm
Blasting rate
Up to 20 m²/hr
Consumption rate
10 - 15 kg/m²
GMA SpeedBlast™

GMA SpeedBlast™

Exceptionally fast blasting performance for removal of light to medium coatings & rust, with low consumption & exceptional surface quality.

Surface profile
50 - 75 µm
Blasting rate
Up to 25 m²/hr
Consumption rate
10 - 12 kg/m²
GMA NewSteel™

GMA NewSteel™

The fastest mill scale & rust removal abrasive available. Faster than staurolite & other garnets, maximise fabrication output & keep costs down.

Surface profile
40 - 65 µm
Blasting rate
Up to 33 m²/hr
Consumption rate
7 - 10 kg/m²

Why is GMA Garnet™ the preferred garnet abrasive?

Approved by paint manufacturers around the world, GMA Garnet is the preferred garnet abrasive of major oil companies, full-service shipyards, and industrial fabricators. Learn more about the benefits of the world's most advanced garnet abrasive.
  • High Productivity

    High Productivity

    Do more with GMA in less time. Reduce your costs with lower consumption, higher production rates, and shorter project times.

  • Better Surface Quality

    Better Surface Quality

    GMA Garnet cleans deep into the troughs that typical slag abrasives cannot. Get your required surface profile, and greater peak density with GMA's blends.

  • Reduced Abrasive Consumption

    Reduced Abrasive Consumption

    GMA Garnet lowers abrasive consumption by 30-50% compared to traditional slag abrasives.

  • Low Dust Blasting

    Low Dust Blasting

    GMA Garnet produces significantly lower dust emissions and improves operator visibility on site.

  • Cost-effective Blast Cleaning

    Cost-effective Blast Cleaning

    Reduce overall project costs with higher productivity and lower abrasive disposal costs.

  • Safer Abrasive Blasting

    Safer Abrasive Blasting

    GMA Garnet" abrasives meet the safety requirements of OSHA and other global regulatory bodies.


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