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The Most Advanced Garnet Abrasive Blasting Media

Increase productivity and achieve a cleaner finish faster with GMA Garnet™

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Cut and clean faster with engineered blends

GMA stands at the forefront of abrasive blasting media development. While traditional slag blasting abrasives have changed very little for more than 50 years, the GMA Garnet™ blasting abrasives range is engineered to cut and clean faster, removing coatings quickly, and producing the cleanest surface to ensure the highest coating integrity. That's why maintenance teams globally choose GMA Garnet™ - the most advanced garnet abrasive.

gma garnet engineered blend

Better surface integrity starts with GMA Garnet™

Traditional abrasive blasting media are one-dimensional, typically made of either coarse or fine grains. GMA's engineered blends are formulated with both coarse and fine grains to cut and clean. They deliver fast and effective coating or rust removal, leaving the cleanest surface ready for inspection and coating application.

garnet vs slag surface comparison
Select the right garnet abrasive for your project. Read our brochure.

Select the right garnet abrasive for your project. Read our brochure.

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Why is GMA Garnet™ the preferred garnet abrasive?

Approved by paint manufacturers around the world, GMA Garnet is the preferred garnet abrasive of major oil companies, full-service shipyards, and industrial fabricators. Learn more about the benefits of the world's most advanced garnet abrasive.
  • High Productivity

    High Productivity

    Do more with GMA in less time. Reduce your costs with lower consumption, higher production rates, and shorter project times.

  • Better Surface Quality

    Better Surface Quality

    GMA Garnet cleans deep into the troughs that typical slag abrasives cannot. Get your required surface profile, and greater peak density with GMA's blends.

  • Reduced Abrasive Consumption

    Reduced Abrasive Consumption

    GMA Garnet lowers abrasive consumption by 30-50% compared to traditional slag abrasives.

  • Low Dust Blasting

    Low Dust Blasting

    GMA Garnet produces significantly lower dust emissions and improves operator visibility on site.

  • Cost-effective Blast Cleaning

    Cost-effective Blast Cleaning

    Reduce overall project costs with higher productivity and lower abrasive disposal costs.

  • Safer Abrasive Blasting

    Safer Abrasive Blasting

    GMA Garnet" abrasives meet the safety requirements of OSHA and other global regulatory bodies.

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Abrasive Blasting Cost Calculator

The true cost of your abrasive is about more than just price and consumption. How much you could save by switching to GMA Garnet?

Simply provide information on labour, material, equipment, disposal, and your project specs, then select a GMA abrasive and your alternative. In just 5 minutes, you’ll have a high-level cost comparison based on rigorous product testing and independent third-party analysis.

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Optimize your abrasive blasting with GMA Garnet™


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