Focusing Tubes


GMA Europe is the exclusive distributor of Kennametal ROCTEC® 500 and            ROCTEC® 100 nozzles to end-users in Europe. These abrasive waterjet nozzles are made from composite carbide, a tungsten carbide-based material made by the Rapid Omindirectional Compaction (ROC) process. These ROCTEC nozzles resist high heat and are extremely durable for waterjet cutting. 

Performance Advantages
  • Longer nozzle lifespan 
  • Better jet stream patterns and increased cutting speed velocity
  • Lesser downtime
  • Greater dimensional cut accuracy and precised cutting
  • Superior cutting performance. 
                                                                                              GMA stand ready to assist you in selecting the best garnet abrasive and wear resistant parts to attain superior performance for different watejet cutting
                                                                                         machines and applications. Discover the full range of waterjet abrasive and connecting parts for your machines today. 
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