GMA launches new website

GMA’s new website was launched as part of our global brand refresh in December 2017.

The new website has been designed to offer quick and easy access to essential information, features and contact details. In addition, the improved navigation and functionality will provide a better overall user experience to our web visitors.

“We strive to remain relevant to our customers and the garnet industry. The website reflects our new identity as a modern and progressive business moving forward on a strong foundation, built over the last 30 years as the global market leader in the mining, manufacture and distribution of garnet abrasive products,” GMA CEO Stephen Gobby said.

“GMA will continue to invest in product innovation, infrastructure and our people to provide solutions that help our customers succeed. This commitment sets us apart from our competitors and is why GMA is ‘more than just garnet’”.

Visit our new website at

By Peta Thompson, Perth

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