garnet recycling

Our Garnet for future generations

We believe in a sustainable approach to business, and this is reflected in the way we manage our natural resources.  Over the past 14 years, GMA has pioneered the research and development of garnet recycling and has invested substantially in building advanced garnet reprocessing facilities around the world. 
Due to its superior toughness and low friability, GMA Garnet™ can be recycled up to five times without compromising its reliable, high quality performance. At our garnet reprocessing facilities, used garnet sourced from blasting and waterjet cutting activities is first cleaned to remove all contaminants including dust, rust, paint flakes, metallic particles and other impurities. This is followed by precise sizing into various grades to suit end user requirements. Strict sampling and quality control procedures ensure that sizing and purity are maintained to our own industry best standards.
GMA Europe is committed to maximizing the life span of our garnet resources and minimizing the generation of waste from our garnet products.  Since 2005, we have been working with customers to improve their commercial performance while minimizing impact on the environment.  This resulted in providing used garnet disposal solutions for our customers and developing garnet recycling facilities in La Spezia, Italy.  In 2010, we upgraded our recycling facilities and relocated to Aulla-Pallerone, Italy, where we continue to reprocess used garnet with our partner Medlink.
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