GMA MicroCut™

GMA MicroCut™

High Precision Cutting Abrasive

GMA MicroCutTM is the high-precision garnet abrasive for waterjet
cutting of small, or close tolerance parts. The finely graded particle
size allows operators to achieve superior edge quality with maximum
precision. The smaller particles also allow for a smaller orifice and
nozzle combination, which results in less kerf or waste material.
MicroCut is ideal for cutting thin, soft, and brittle materials, or when
parts are nested closely together.

Unqiue Features

  • High quality almandine garnet
  • Fine garnet particles for high precision, close tolerance parts
  • Superior edge quality with maximum precision
  • Rigorous grading and quality control procedures that eliminate oversize particles.
*Please contact your respective regional sales representatives as this product is only available in the Americas. 

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GMA MicroCut

Garnet Advantages

World class GMA GarnetTM maximises production and reduces equipment downtime.MicroCut-300x243_!.jpg
  • Supports peak performance
  • Offers high production rates and superior edge quality
  • Tightly graded to minimise downtime and maximise production
  • World’s most popular waterjet abrasives.

Performance & Application


Major Industries

  • ElectronicsMicoCut300x243_!-(2).jpg
  • Decorative / Ornamental
  • Medical
  • Research and Development
  • Aerospace


  • 25kg (55 lb.) paper bags on 1 metric ton or 2 metric ton pallet
  • 1 metric ton or 2 metric ton bulk bags with a bottom spout and an inner plastic liner.

*Please note that this product is only available in certain regions. 
*Packaging options may vary by location, please contact GMA Sales Representatives for more information.

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