Renovations of the Lauterbad viaduct took over a year, with the project completed in March 2023.
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GMA's fifty year corrosion protection for German viaduct 

A well known viaduct in Lauterbad, Germany was extensively renovated, completed in March 2023. Built in 1884, the 34 meter high viaduct spans 213 meters across the Lauter river.
The impressive half-timbered structure has since served as a railway bridge for the Kinzig Valley Railway. The entire route belongs to DB Netz AG.

The Lauterbad viaduct, a treasured historic landmark, demands utmost preservation of its original components during the extensive renovation. The ultimate goal of this project was to provide a corrosion protection system that will safeguard the steel structure for an impressive 40 to 50 years. Hence, it required exceptional workmanship and top-notch materials from contractors in all trades to ensure the highest quality outcome.

MBS Sandstrahlarbeiten GmbH & Co. KG (MBS) was commissioned to complete the corrosion protection work. The scope  comprised of abrasive blasting and painting (five layers) of approximately 5,000 m² steel surface in compliant with the ZTV-ING standard, and within a tight timeframe.

MBS is a recognized and leading corrosion protection company in Baden-
Württemberg, and in Greater Southern Germany. The company also specializes in bridge structures. The owner-managed company stands for conscientious, motivated and timely work.

Due to a proven track record, MBS chose GMA PremiumBlast™ as the
preferred blasting abrasive for this project. The biggest advantage of GMA Garnet™ was the lower abrasive consumption compared to alternative expendable abrasives such as coal, nickel or copper slags.


Moreover, the concerted effort from onsite handling (loading/unloading) and cleaning to disposal was significantly reduced coupled with the professionalism of the specialist MBS team made it possible to achieve higher cost savings. In fact, the budgeted blasting media consumption was reduced by another 20% over the time of the project.

Furthermore, GMA PremiumBlast™ garnet was readily available to MBS in a stable silo system on-site, and three blast pots can be operated and filled at the same time.

On one hand, project downtime is significantly reduced with a faster filling of blast pots, and on the other hand, these were carried out every 1.5 to 2 hours due to reduced abrasive flow and consumption.

MBS Managing Director Mr. Buttenmüller praised GMA's delivery performance as "very good, fast and competent."

"The GMA representatives were a great support to us, and we are very satisfied with the service, the delivery, reliability and the delivery times," he said.

The GMA team would like to thank everyone involved for the successful cooperation in this complex but exciting project!

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