NACE Corrosion Technology Week

In September last year, GMA participated in the NACE Corrosion Technology Week (CTW) in Houston, Texas. 

Working together to define the future of corrosion standards, the event held a series of meetings that focussed on methods of identifying, preventing, and combating corrosion challenges across all major industries. Top advisors from the Corrosion Control Industry also participated in technical committees for NACE International. 

At the opening reception, Sales & Marketing Liaison Ernie McDaniel, who has been with GMA Americas since 2010, was honoured for her ongoing work with NACE. She has been a NACE member for 38 years and has worked in various roles throughout the industry. 

Ernie has also been a contributing member of the Houston Coatings Society since 1980, and the organisation gives out an annual award in honour of her name - 'Ernie McDaniel Life Time Achievement Award'.  

By Pete Mitchell, Houston 


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