JetTalk: Quality comes with a price

You offered your best quality work and yet, the customer decides on another job shop that delivers the same scope of work at a cheaper rate.

Many waterjet cutting job shop owners that I have met share this sentiment, and find it challenging to compete based on price.

How do we then convince our customers that price is secondary when it comes to quality?

One of our recommendations is to develop a product sample kit. The handy kit provides the potential customer various selection options in cut finish, and the price for a specific edge finish.

By doing so, you are helping them compare a quality cut over another, and to understand the value of a quality cut. Moreover, it gives them confidence that they are investing in quality cutting, and not in the linear meters to be cut.

Here are the steps in creating the basic product sample kit:

  1. Cut different types of material in various thickness, and with multiple sides.
  2. Cut all the sides in different cutting speeds. You can then explain the different grades from basic to top quality cut finish.
  3. Mark all the sides with the parameters of the setting for that particular cut.
  4. Highlight that the slower in cutting speed, the better the cutting quality. However, it comes with higher operational cost per piece or per hour.

By Ajay Thanki,  GMA Middle East

Certified Technician for Waterjet Operation and Maintenance SSPC Coating Inspector

*Note: These recommendations are to be implemented at the user’s discretion and deemed fit for their operating environment. In no event will GMA be responsible for expected performance or damages of any nature whatsoever resulting from the use of or reliance upon information presented here. 


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