GMA's response to garnet supply shortage

Since the beginning of this year, uncertainty has emerged across the garnet abrasive market due to news on limited garnet exports that will result in a shortage of supply globally. 

Currently, the impact of the shortage is being felt across all of the markets where GMA has a presence. We recognise the challenges our customers are facing under these circumstances, which have also affected our operations and in particular, have caused  longer response times and extended delivery scheduling.  

Our response to this unique situation is by taking action on a few key priorities to support our customers in the short term until the garnet market stabilises.

We are actively working on our supply chain processes, and enhancing our logistics and distribution network, to expedite the delivery of our products to our customers in the shortest lead times.  As we have full control of our supply chain, we are fortunate to have some flexibility to refine our processes, and the certainty in accessing products from our multiple sources. 

In terms of product availability, fortunately we have additional production volumes coming on-line now – which is in line with our previously stated growth strategy, which will alleviate the current supply constraints. 

Our teams around the world - from sales and logistics to production - are working around the clock to manage these priorities, and to bring our lead times back to GMA’s historical standards. 

While we want to move quickly to meet the production requirements, the high quality standards of our products remain consistent. We will also not compromise on the safety of our staff.  Their health and safety are our priority, and we are responsible to ensure that they continue to work safely while meeting critical production timelines. 

We are committed to supporting our existing long-term customers with continuous supply, and finding the best possible solutions to keep their businesses in operation.

By Stephen Gobby, GMA Group

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