GMA’s used garnet disposal survey

Last year, GMA sent a worldwide survey to our customers to understand how they dispose of their used garnet abrasives.  

We would like to thank all our responding customers for their time and efforts in completing the survey. Over 400 customers responded to the survey and some of the key findings are summarised below:

Customers who recycle their garnet are very positive about the practice:
•  83% of customers who recycle their garnet (via GMA or onsite) reported  financial benefits from the practice
•  13% of customers recycle their used garnet on site
•  Customers recycle garnet 2.1 times on average.

The top reasons our customers recycle their used garnet are:
•  Reduces their waste problem
•  Reduces the cost of disposal
•  Supports their company’s CSR / sustainability goals
•  Helps to obtain an environmental certification.

In 2015, GMA recovered approximately 41,000 tonnes of used garnet for recycling. From this recovered garnet, 70% to 90% is reprocessed into garnet that can be re-used.  Once reprocessed,  these are branded as repurposed products, and utilised in different markets. GMA’s top recycling region is the Middle East, followed by Europe and the USA.  GMA does not currently offer recycling in Australia and Asia.

In Europe and the USA, GMA has also connected some customers with waste management companies that repurpose the used garnet into other uses that include road base, rockwool insulation and concrete.  In the U.S., some of the repurposed garnet is used as part of natural stone and sand walls at practice shooting ranges.  However, a large portion of used garnet is disposed in landfill sites.

In support of this survey, GMA has pledged a total of AUD$5,000 to UNICEF,  WWF and World Resources Institute. 

By Peta Thompson, GMA Group

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