GMA launches a full range of high performance garnet abrasives for all surface preparation

GMA Americas is pleased to launch a full range of garnet abrasives, developed to produce the best performance for all surface preparation requirements.

According to GMA Americas President Rod Liebeck, the range of newly developed products complements and completes GMA’s product offering - from standard applications to very specialised requirements. 

“Whether your need is to remove very thick and tough coatings or to clean and polish the most delicate surface, we have the right abrasive for you,” Rod said. 

In addition, the new products have been proven to remove thick coatings faster, and produce a higher surface profile with a cleaner surface finish.  This promotes superior adhesion compared to other abrasives in the market, such as coal slag and copper slag. Moreover, the cost of blasting (per m2 /ft2) is lower, due to the efficient performance of these products.

The innovation behind the development of the new range stemmed from our quest to improve the performance of our abrasives, especially in tackling tough and thicker coatings. 

“We spent three years researching and engineering the right blend that will produce the best performance for specific and specialised applications. Even more importantly, we have conducted over 1,000 blasting trials, internally and with customers to further improve and refine our products,“ Rod said. 

Furthermore, the blasting trials were observed and verified by a third party inspection company to ensure the tests and data recording were performed according to industry standards. 

Many of the initial blasting trials produced very impressive results. One of the earlier success stories was from a leading utility sandblasting company in California. The company was commissioned to clean a large five million gallon tank. While blasting the surface with slag abrasive, they established that the tough 30 mil coatings were very difficult to remove. This caused a delay in the project, possibly leading to penalties for not completing on time. 

“We offered the company one of our new products and it performed with amazing results. Not only were they able to easily remove the coatings, they were blasting at twice the speed with less abrasive consumption. Plus, the dust level was reduced by 70%, a great improvement on safety for the blasters at site,” Rod explained.  

By Stephanie Cheong, GMA Group

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