BlastTalk: Minimising dust and waste through new Vapour Blasting Technology

GMA Garnet™ is well known for it’s extremely low dust levels, particularly when a qualified GMA technician has assisted with correct abrasive metering settings and quality blasting equipment is used. 

Even so, there are instances where next-to-no dust is allowed on-site, project or near delicate equipment or surfaces. This scenario was traditionally tackled by various cleaning methods such as manual cleaning, high-pressure water or other traditional wet blasting methods involving copious amounts of water. 

Vapour Blasting is a relatively new and unique technology that can reduce airborne dust levels by up to 90%. It is essentially a technology that enhances the air, water and abrasive ratio to ensure optimal blasting performance.

Compressed air blasting with wet abrasive has the following advantages:
  • Water mist quickly evaporates and does not leave large amounts of water on substrate or work area.
  • Does not cause flash rusting when set up and operated correctly.
  • Reduces cleanup time.
  • Eliminates wastewater run-off.
  • Saves water!
  • Works best with high-efficiency mineral abrasives, such as GMA Australian Garnet.
  • Can increase productivity, when compared to some traditional blasting methods.
 Contact your nearest GMA representative to discuss Vapour Blasting in more detail and for information    on the nearest quality suppliers of such systems.    

By Marc Putzier, GMA Asia Pacific

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