A decade of service with GMA

Congratulations to Stacey Jerrard, Peter Evans, Robert Perry & Kalvin Ryan-Holmes from Geraldton & Port Gregory, Australia for achieving 10 years of service with GMA this year. 

Stacey Jerrard

Mrs Stacey Jerrard joined GMA as Administration Officer in August 2005.

Her daily tasks comprised of a variety of administration duties from invoicing, purchasing, shipment summaries to general admin duties. Prior to GMA, Stacey has worked as a Crane Controller/ Office Manager and has work experiences in window tinting and various retail outlets. 

 “The Geraldton office is like my ‘work family’ and everyone gets along so well. I enjoyed working here and it is nice to come to work each day.  Without a doubt, I will remain friends with the people I work with for a long time to come,” Stacey said.

During her free time, Stacey who is a qualified horticulturist enjoys gardening, keeps herself active and plays sports such as hockey and works out at the gym.  Comments from her colleagues:

“Stacey is a well-respected team member who is always happy to help out."

"Her kind personality and hard work make her a pleasure to work with.”

“I consider Stacey not only as a work mate but also a friend. She has a fantastic work ethic and working with her has made my time at GMA an enjoyable experience.” “Stacey is a friendly and happy member of the GMA team and it is an absolute pleasure to work with her.”
Robert Perry

Third Time is a Charm for Bob Originally hailing from New South Wales, Robert Perry, fondly known as Bob relocated to Western Australia at the age of 19, and joined GMA as a Plant Operator at GMA’s Lynton site.

After three years with GMA, Bob moved back to New South Wales to work at an underground gold mine and laboratory for two years.

However, the lure of the West was too strong to resist, Bob returned to GMA for another seven-year stint. Bob left GMA the second time to venture into agriculture and eight months later, he decided that mining was his preferred line of work and returned to GMA for the third time.

Bob re-joined GMA as a Leading Hand in 2005 and was promoted to Quarry Supervisor in 2009. Bob is a quiet achiever and he is always willing to complete any tasks with a smile. Bob is a great asset to the GMA family. 

Kalvin Ryan-Holmes 

Mr Kalvin Ryan-Holmes was a fisherman and wool classer for over 20 years before joining GMA as Plant Hand in October 2005.

Kalvin was promoted to Leading Hand after a few years and today, Kalvin manages two roles — as a Shift Leading Hand and Safety Officer assisting in health, safety, environment and quality control matters when required.

As a Shift Leading Hand, he supervises Plant Operators and Plant Hands to achieve safety, quality and production goals. Kalvin is also responsible for emergency response at the plant and at times assists in arranging urgent repairs by approved contractors as well as product transfers.  

Described by his colleagues as hard working, approachable, reliable and keen to take on challenges, Kalvin shared that he enjoys working at GMA and has found the employees to be friendly and easy to get along with. Comments from his colleagues: 

“Kalvin has worked his way up from the plant floor stacking and bagging products to becoming a Leading Hand and Safety Officer. He is hard working, approachable and reliable.”

“I find Kalvin to be an eager worker who is keen to take on challenges and he is a considerate worker who works well with everyone.”

For leisure, Kalvin enjoys golf, fishing, spending time with his family and reading.

By Donna Collis & Sandy Stock-Standen, GMA Mining Australia

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