Advantages of a Garnet Abrasive Regulator

Garnet abrasive regulator ensures productivity and waterjet equipment efficiency levels.


Advantages of a Garnet Abrasive Regulator

Waterjet cutting machines require consistent and precise delivery of garnet feeding into the waterjet cutting head. A garnet abrasive regulator not only allows you to achieve a smooth cutting edge quality on your workpiece but also improves the machine's efficiency, and helps reduce overall garnet consumption. 

Installing a garnet abrasive regulator, also known as an abrasive mini hopper, allows a steady flow of garnet through the waterjet nozzle where it mixes with water. Flow rates are typically about 25-30kgs/hour, and there is a variety of different regulators to suit different types of waterjet equipment.

To increase your waterjet equipment's efficiency, it is important to have the flexibility to make easy adjustments to the garnet feed rate via a metering device or dial. The metering dial not only controls how much garnet your equipment consumes, it improves consistency of garnet flow and reduces the likelihood of blockages caused by surges and fluctuations in the garnet feed.  

Advantages of having an Abrasive Regulator:

  1. Capability to alter garnet feed rates and adjust the amount of garnet the equipment consumes via the regulator's dial gauge
  2. Flexibility to change the garnet flow settings depending on the type and thickness of the material being cut
  3. Maximises the flow of garnet into the nozzle.
  4. Easy access to the regulator to switch to the type of garnet abrasive required 
  5. Provides accurate and consistent garnet flow to achieve a smooth cutting edge of your work piece
  6. Easy monitoring of the garnet quantity level. 

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