A Match Made in Heaven - Part III

Consistent, accurately sized GMA Garnet ensures no oversize garnet grains, and enables a steady abrasive flow.


Match Made in Heaven - Part III

In Match Made in Heaven Part I and Part II, we discussed basics of waterjet cutting and examined how and why using GMA Garnet can drastically improve the performance of your abrasive waterjet cutting operation. In this final article, we explore why garnet abrasive is most relevant to which type of material and which waterjet machines are best suited with GMA Garnet.

What materials can abrasive waterjet cutting cut?

Abrasive waterjet is an extremely viable and powerful process. With the right settings and perfect combination of pressure, water and garnet, you can cut any material. Abrasive waterjet cutting's high precision and flexible cutting process are suitable for a variety of materials of thicknesses up to 300mm.

Garnet abrasive waterjet can cut hard materials like carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, ceramic, granite, marble, glass and composite, carbon fibre and Fibreglass Reinforced Polymer (FRP).

Which machines are best suited for use with GMA Garnet?

In general GMA Garnet can be used for all waterjet cutting machines. We are well known because of our availability of garnet supply globally and consistently sized, high quality garnet. Leading waterjet cutting manufacturers recommend GMA Garnet to their customers as we are customer focussed and technical experts in the waterjet cutting industry.

Today, waterjet cutting machine manufacturers offer a wide range of advanced and modern machines. New products such as FIVE-X Cutting heads, 3D cutting components, 6,000 bar HP pumps and MicroJet cutting machines are specially designed to cut materials at high precision with extreme tolerances.

Having a consistent flow of garnet abrasive is a key requirement for waterjet cutting. Smooth delivery of garnet into the cutting head is a critical component for an uninterrupted waterjet cutting operation. A well-regulated and consistent feed of quality garnet will result in a tighter, more cohesive cutting stream that produces a high quality edged cut and reduced overall garnet consumption.

For more information, refer to our recent "Does garnet quality really matter in waterjet cutting applications" article. 

“GMA has professional customer service and is a reliable garnet supplier.” - HTM Waterjet.
“GMA has good products, very competent people and are customer-oriented.” Metal Service Centre, Waterjet Stainless Steel Cutting. 

GMA offer the widest variety of job specific waterjet cutting abrasives which allow our customers to deliver optimal results. Reach out to our dedicated sales team to discuss ways to improve your cutting speed, accuracy and efficiency of your waterjet cutting projects today.



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