The Garnet Edge Edition IV

The Garnet Edge Edition IV
The Garnet Edge Edition IV

Trevi fountain regains sparkle after precision cleaning with GMA Garnet.

Trevi fountain

Four years ago, Italy’s Trevi Fountain - one of the world’s most famous fountains was closed for restoration for 17 months. 

The 18th century Baroque monument was in a critical condition due to microbiological and biological attacks, corrosion from the fountain, rainfalls and wind as well as black encrustations from layers of dust, topsoil and dirt. 

Moreover, the basin and cliff were scarred by visitors leaving behind engravings, graffiti and chewing gum.

The scope of the project comprised of the restoration of travertine and marble surfaces where micro-air-abrasion equipment by IBIX was used to remove thick deposits (black incrustations) and limestone encrustations from the cliff. 

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