Visit GMA at the upcoming 14th ENGIMACH 2019 trade show from 4th – 8th Dec 2019.

Visit GMA at the upcoming 14th ENGIMACH 2019 trade show at The Exhibition Centre, Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India from 4th – 8th December 2019.

The 14th ENGIMACH is the largest machine, and engineering tools show where customers can experience the latest technological prowess and innovation. The exhibition showcases products, processes, technology, and emerging innovations from industry leaders around the world. 

GMA Garnet Group (GMA) is the trusted global leader in industrial garnet and has been providing the highest quality garnet abrasive to the waterjet cutting industry for over 35 years. GMA is also the only global garnet supplier that owns the complete supply chain from source and processing to international distribution. Our garnet products maximise cutting performance and produce the perfect edge while safeguarding your waterjet equipment.


The Next-Gen Nozzle

At this show, GMA will be introducing the new Kennametal APX ROCTEC® nozzles which provide 20% greater nozzle life than the ROCTEC® 500 waterjet series.



The APX nozzles are ideal for use in precision cutting applications such as aviation, aerospace, defense, automotive and medical where long, uninterrupted cuts or close tolerances must be maintained for long periods to keep part integrity or minimise expensive scrap due to premature nozzle failure. 

Using APX series nozzles, waterjet shops can take on even more challenging, complex jobs, or run at faster production speeds, or longer production periods. 


The Most Popular Waterjet Abrasive

WJ Cutting Head
GMA ClassicCut™ range is a versatile, all-purpose abrasive ideal for general waterjet cutting. It is recognised as the industry standard waterjet cutting abrasive among manufacturers’ globally. GMA ClassicCut consists of the highest quality alluvial garnet engineered to achieve optimum surface finish and cutting speeds.

Throughout the world, GMA Garnet™ is the first choice among craftsmen who demand efficient and precise waterjet cutting for steel, stone, marble, composites, plastics and glass.

ClassicCut Brochure

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