environmentally friendly blasting abrasives for renewable energy

Wind Turbines & Renewable Energy

GMA offers a range of high-performance environmentally friendly blasting abrasives.

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Approved by leading paint and coating manufacturers around the world, GMA is meeting the challenge of the wind power industry by offering high-performance abrasives for onshore and offshore wind turbine installations and maintenance, including towers and foundations, turbine components, blades and other equipment.

Benefits to wind turbine installation and maintenance

  • GMA Garnet™ is particularly suited to be used where a requirement of high profiles and SP-10 cleaning standards exist for coating applications in extreme environments.  GMA ExtremeBlast™ and GMA ToughBlast™ are engineered to achieve these requirements.
  • Abrasive recovery during wind turbine maintenance may not be an option. GMA Garnet™ is an inert, natural mineral, with little to no heavy metals, reducing the risk of environmental contamination as well as worker risks and hazards. Compared to waste slag abrasives it is a viable abrasive solution
  • Very low dust emissions, improving visibility and productivity
  • Waste management and garnet recycling: Where abrasive recovery is possible and with the right equipment, GMA Garnet™ can provide a high level of abrasive reusability through recycling onsite
  • High blasting and cleaning efficiency, leading to lower abrasive consumption, and lower clean-up and disposal costs
  • Exceptional surface cleanliness with minimal abrasive embedment for better corrosion resistance and substrate integrity
How much is your blasting abrasive really costing you?

How much is your blasting abrasive really costing you?

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Why is GMA Garnet™ the preferred garnet abrasive?

Approved by paint manufacturers around the world, GMA Garnet is the preferred garnet abrasive of major oil companies, full-service shipyards, and industrial fabricators. Learn more about the benefits of the world's most advanced garnet abrasive.
  • High Productivity

    High Productivity

    Do more with GMA in less time. Reduce your costs with lower consumption, higher production rates, and shorter project times.

  • Better Surface Quality

    Better Surface Quality

    GMA Garnet cleans deep into the troughs that typical slag abrasives cannot. Get your required surface profile, and greater peak density with GMA's blends.

  • Reduced Abrasive Consumption

    Reduced Abrasive Consumption

    GMA Garnet lowers abrasive consumption by 30-50% compared to traditional slag abrasives.

  • Low Dust Blasting

    Low Dust Blasting

    GMA Garnet produces significantly lower dust emissions and improves operator visibility on site.

  • Cost-effective Blast Cleaning

    Cost-effective Blast Cleaning

    Reduce overall project costs with higher productivity and lower abrasive disposal costs.

  • Safer Abrasive Blasting

    Safer Abrasive Blasting

    GMA Garnet" abrasives meet the safety requirements of OSHA and other global regulatory bodies.

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