Extra Coarse

Coarsest Grade Garnet Abrasive for Extreme Jobs

 Limited Release - Made to Order 

GMA’s ExtremeBlast™ is our coarsest garnet grade engineered for the most resilient coating removal jobs.

The unique blend of both coarse and fine garnet is ideal for industrial maintenance in refineries, shipyards and offshore platforms. Our angular coarse garnet removes resilient industrial coatings, and the durability of our sub-angular alluvial garnet helps sweep off remaining surface contaminants.

Throughout the world, garnet is recognized as the leading high performance, cost efficient and safe choice for a variety of blasting applications.

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Higher Productivity
Superior cleaning rate against other abrasives

Superior Surface Finish
Exceptionally clean surface and uniform profile

Cost Effective
Lower abrasive consumption, labour, clean up and disposal costs

Meets all industry, government safety and environmental standards. 


Major Industries and Applications

 Oil & Gas - Onshore / Offshore           Shipyards            Bridges           Tank Chemical liners           Military


Proven Performance

GMA ExtremeBlast™ performance is demonstrated through rigorous product testing and a track record of success in applications worldwide.

Engineered to cut and clean, ExtremeBlast™ produces a more even-textured surface. This maximises asset uptime, reduces turnaround times and extends asset life.

Removal of exceptionally resistant specialty coatings, thick mil tank liners and marine foulings
  • Uniform surface profile of 90 - 110 µm
  • Blasting rates: Up to 28m2/hr
  • Consumption rates: As low as 16 kgs/m2
  • Removal of 750+ microns coatings
  • Heavy industrial maintenance on tank liners, coal tar, heavy marine coatings and fouling
  • High build coating removal
  • Offshore platform deck coatings
  • TSA removal and preparation
  • Ship hulls and ballast tanks

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