Extra Coarse

GMA ExtremeBlast™ is our coarsest grade for removing exceptionally resistant specialist coatings, heavy liners, and marine foulings. 


  • Removal of exceptionally resistant specialist coatings, heavy liners & marine foulings.
  • High surface profile: 3.5 – 4.5 mil (90 – 115 μm)or greater with exceptionally clean surface, enabling remarkable bonding of specialist coatings.
  • Blasting rates: Up to 280 ft2/hr (26 m2/hr).
  • Consumption rate: 2.5 – 3.5 lb/ft2 (12.20 – 17.09 kg/m2).


  • High performance “all-around” garnet abrasive
  • Heavy industrial maintenance
  • Great on two-coat systems, three-coat systems, and heavy mil (thick) rigid coatings
  • Offshore platform decking, tanks, piping, pressure vessels, ship hulls and ballast tanks
Extra Coarse

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