Training and Development

training and development at gma garnet

Working at GMA

We want everyone to have a successful career with GMA, no matter what your role is.

To help you achieve this, we offer a great range of learning and development opportunities designed to expand your skills and experience and help you own your career. As part of GMA’s sustainability framework GMA has committed to a target of at least 50 hours of personal development per year for every staff member in GMA Mining Australia.

GMA welcomes the recruitment of inexperienced candidates as we are happy to train staff, with no previous tickets required.

We offer career progression, with many positions having salary rewards attached to your increased learning and development.

Plan for Success

Our annual (or bi annual for operations staff) Plan For Success is a plan dedicated to your performance and development at GMA. It helps you think about where you are at, where you want to go, and setting goals that align with this.

Study Assistance

GMA’s Study Policy is designed to support staff that wish to take their development further with formally recognised study. We offer financial contributions to help cover tuition and course related expenses.

Higher Duties and Secondments

Higher duties and secondments give you the opportunity to act in another position while offering a challenging experience to help you gain new skills and knowledge at GMA.

GMA Frontline Leadership Development

GMA has developed and delivers a custom leadership development course, to assist our leaders in becoming the best they can be.
We are currently working to extend this development into a formal Cert IV in Leadership and Management to provide our leaders with the national recognition of their training and expertise


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