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meet out people gma garnet

Emily Vause, 15 years of service 

Emily joined GMA in 2003, part-time, as a Quality Control Officer in Geraldton, Australia. 

She has grown with the company and is now a full-time Laboratory Supervisor, famous for sweetening things with her amazing cakes and lovely singing voice.

As a Laboratory Supervisor, Emily is responsible for the day-to-day running of the laboratory and product analysis to ensure all our products meet the specifications and high quality standards we consistently deliver to customers. Emily also trains and mentors employees in addition to handling customer quality enquiries and test work samples.

Also, a new Mum, her gorgeous daughter Jasmine means there is never a dull moment. In her spare time, Emily enjoys paddle boarding, walking, baking and photography. 

Dean Clarke celebrates 40 years of service with GMA

One of our pioneer employees Dean Clarke needs no introduction within GMA.

Those who have had the opportunity to work with or alongside Dean know that he is hands-on in mining and running the wet plant in Port Gregory, Australia. He is also a fan of mining machinery and shared that one of his most memorable moments in his life, and with GMA was 32 years ago.

“It was 9 October, 1989. My first child - a boy, a loader and a dump truck were all delivered in one day!” Dean said.

As one of the pioneer employees of GMA, Dean was part of the
development of the Hose plant, and he has also spent over four years working on building new plants and facilities in the USA.
Four decades of service with a company is a very long journey. Dean reflected on this significant milestone:

Starting from a two-man team (me and my Dad) and one shift operation at Port Gregory, I have seen GMA grown to the be world leader it is today. I have also witnessed the growth which enabled GMA to be one of the bigger employers in the Northampton region.

Over the years, I have forged many friendships, both here and overseas, not only within GMA but with suppliers, contractors and the like.

I am thankful to have had wonderful mentors from the beginning, especially my Dad Ray Clarke and Martin Taylor. I would also like to give a special mention to Torsten Ketelsen for his vision for GMA over the years.

A huge thanks to my family for their support over the many years, especially my wife Jo who has always been made to feel a part of the GMA family.

Bob Perry - 15 years of service 

Port Gregory’s versatile and reliable processing supervisor Though Bob Perry recently celebrated 15 years with GMA, he has been around for much longer.

Initially, Bob was working on and off for the company and he eventually joined the team full-time on 19 July 2005.

Over the years, Bob has held multiple roles including Leading Hand, Supervisor, Quarry Supervisor, and Production Superintendent. Currently serving as Processing Supervisor, he oversees the production crew at the Wet Plant at Port Gregory in Western Australia.

Having excelled in every position that he has fulfilled, Bob achieved formal recognition from the WA Mines Department in 2019. He has received his Quarry Managers Ticket and is now eligible to take on the statutory Quarry Manager role.

Colleague Wayne Dawson isn’t surprised, saying, “Bob has been extremely versatile filling any role the company required. He is a very cool, calm, and collected guy and really approachable.”

Kevin Aitkins, another coworker, agrees. “Bob is… quiet but a wealth of knowledge at GMA. It’s been a good 15 years together!”

When asked why he chose to stay with GMA, Bob replies with, “Always good company to work for, good people to work with.”

Ellen Lambert - 10 years of service

“Enjoy one day at a time and the years seem to follow incredibly quickly,” says Ellen Lambert from the Asia Pacific sales team in Perth, Australia."

As the Sales Administrator for GMA for more than 10 years, Ellen has conscientiously delivered her projects and daily tasks which includes quoting, receiving orders, invoicing, and supporting the Port Hedland, Karratha, and Darwin depots in Australia.

Having been with GMA since October of 2009, Ellen has had her share of memorable moments at the company.

But the one that immediately comes to mind was a Melbourne Cup race day, the nation’s best known horse racing event. One of her colleagues came to work in a horse onesie!

Ellen shares that the satisfaction that she gets from her job is what keeps her going, and it almost feels like she just joined the company yesterday.

“I would like to thank everyone who was in Geraldton when I first started with GMA and were very patient with me learning the ropes at GMA.”

Kevin Atkins - 15 years of service

A reliable GMA employee for the past 15 years, Kevin Atkins makes sure that everything is running smoothly at the garnet processing plant in Geraldton, Western Australia each day. 

The Leading Hand can also be found mentoring his workmates, sharing his knowledge of the plant and machines. Having dabbled in other trades before joining GMA in early 2005, Kevin stayed on with GMA and remained dedicated to his role. 

“I enjoy my job and all its challenges,” he says. 

He also enjoys being surrounded by positive people at work. For Kevin, his coworkers have become his second family, as can be seen from the inside jokes they share. 

“Thanks to ‘Kevi’ for teaching me everything I know, but you still annoy me sometimes,” Brent banters.

“Should be still looking after the plant,” Juppy jests.

Aside from spending time with his family, Kevin has an interest in motorbikes and enjoys fishing.

Jessica Gillespie - 15 years service

Jessica Gillespie first joined GMA as a Laboratory Assistant in 2005. She has since worked her way up to Quality Control Officer and is celebrating 15 years of service this year.

Known as Jess to her colleagues at the Geraldton office in Western Australia, she lists stability, finding solutions to new challenges, and her workmates as her favourite things about working at GMA. Her colleagues keep her energised and motivated at work, and they feel the same way about her too.

“Working with Jess for the past 15 years has been great!” says Donna Collis. “I feel so lucky to work with her. She is an invaluable member of our team and her efforts and enthusiasm is contagious. I look forward to many more years of us working together.”

Wayne Dawson agrees. “Jess is a real team player. She is always helping others, whether it is with technical knowledge, analytical data, or passing on her knowledge of laboratory work practices. Jess is also a very diligent staff member who shows great care and consideration in all she does.”

Outside of work, Jess likes to travel, hike, kayak, camp, study, and
practice yoga.

Darrin Langguth - 10 years service

A decade on at GMA, Warehouse Manager Darrin Langguth reflects on his journey and considers the time when he first started as one of his most memorable moments at the company. 

As he celebrates 10 years of service, he recalls how he felt when he came on board in July 2009. 

“It’s not every day that you get this chance to work with a mining company and given the respect and trust of one,” he says. “Thank you to all my past and present managers that I have worked with.” 
According to Logistics Manager Clinton Ward-Horner, Darrin leads a highly capable team whose contribution to the local supply chain function is critical for the successful distribution of GMA products across a wide range of local and export markets.

"His commitment to his role ensures that product he despatches meet the required deadlines, and that product quality remains consistent throughout the supply chain," Clinton added. 

Darrin is also happy working with a great team. 

“They make it very easy to come to work every day and to take on the daily challenges that we come across.” he said. 
“We are so proud to have Darrin as part of our team. Thank you for your encouragement and motivation over the last six years and many years to come,” Storeman Michael Mills said. 

Head Storeman Sean Leary hopes his colleague of eight years remains the way he is. “All the best for the future, and keep rocking that flat top!” 

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