Health and Wellbeing

health and wellbeing at gma

The purpose of the GMA Mining Australia Health & Wellbeing Program is to promote a healthy workplace that supports and encourages healthy habits among its workers, making healthy choices the easy choice. A healthy workplace is one where employers and workers work together to support and promote good health.

Priority objective areas include increased physical activity; healthier eating and drinking; smoking reduction / cessation; reduction of harmful alcohol consumption; reaching and maintaining healthy weight; and improved social and emotional wellbeing.

GMA already has existing initiatives to health and wellbeing, these include:
  • Flu vaccinations – To keep everyone healthy during flu season we provide an annual vaccine free of charge
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP) available to you and  your family. It gives you access to free confidential counselling services for work and personal matters
  • Designated smoke free work areas
  • Anti-bullying Policy (Mental Health)
  • Alcohol and Other Drugs Management
  • Fatigue Management Guidelines

Voluntary Health and Wellbeing Assessments

Voluntary Health and Fitness Assessments are provided at no cost to employees by GMA through an external provider.

If an employee undertakes a voluntary health and wellbeing assessment, we have partnered with Central West Rehabilitation in Geraldton to provide  a free of charge program to address any issues identified in the assessment, including free access to the Gym.

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