GMA SpeedBlast™ is our fast-cleaning, general purpose abrasive.  It supports the removal of light-to-medium coatings or light-to medium rust. 


  • Light general industrial maintenance
  • Construction and maintenance of commercial buildings, chemical plants, power stations, mining and processing equipment, gas and sewage plants, desalination and industrial plants
  • Tanks, piping, pressure vessels, ship hulls, ballast tanks and offshore platform decking.


  • Fast removal of light-to-medium coatings and/or light-to medium rust
  • Surface profile: 50 - 85 μm with exceptionally clean surface, enabling ideal preparation for most industrial coatings
  • Blasting rates: Up to 15 - 25 m2/hr
  • Consumption rate: 8 - 10 kg/m2.

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