About GMA

The GMA Garnet Group is the leading integrated garnet producer in the world.  Our headquarters are in Perth, Australia, with offices in major industrial hubs throughout Europe, the Middle East, and the USA.
As the world’s first producer of industrial garnet, GMA manages a unique operation which includes ownership and control of our supply chain from mine to customer.  We have embraced our leadership role by consistently delivering the highest quality products while maintaining a constant supply regardless of market conditions.  Additionally, we have established a broad network of dedicated and professional distributors to support our world-wide customer base.
For over 30 years, GMA has been providing the highest quality garnet to the surface preparation and waterjet cutting industries.  With an estimated global market share of over 35%, our mines in Australia and in the USA produce more than 400,000 tons of garnet abrasives per year.  Furthermore, we have pioneered the development of garnet recycling technologies to offer an environmentally friendly solution for the disposal of used garnet.

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